Weather- Photo Memory Game

Weather- Photo Memory Game

The benefits of right brain education are many. Right Brain Education aims to enhance learning ability so that children are able to absorb new information quickly and easily. This way, children can perform better in all aspects of life – academics, sports, music, etc. Right brain education develops creativity, communication and character.

We are introducing Photo Memory Game in this article. Photo Memory is a game to help develop the photographic memory function. A picture is shown to the child for a period of time before it is hidden. The child is required to recreate the picture with a background image and some placement of pictures.

In this case, two sets of background image and placement pictures have to be prepared. One is the master copy and the other is the child’s copy.

BG 01 web   BG 02 web   

Placement pictures web

How to play?

  1. In the master copy, stick 3 to 4 placement pictures randomly. You may increase the difficulty by adding more placement pictures progressively.We used blu-tac to stick the placement pictures.
  2. Show your child the master copy for a brief period of time, usually between 5-10 seconds. Then cover it or turn over.
  3. Get your child to recreate the master copy with his own copy of background image and placement pictures.

BG pic web

This game can be played over and over by changing the placement of the pictures and difficulty levels. Practice makes perfect! Constant repetition and practice can develop strong brain skills. 

Download our Photo Memory Game Template HERE

We are not advocating that right brain is always better than the left. Both brains are equally important and should work in tandem and in a harmonious manner! Treat this as a game to bond with your child and have fun!

Content Source: Preschool Resources

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