Weather – Learn Colours & Song in Chinese

Weather- Learn Colours & Song in Chinese

We promise and we will try our utmost best to deliver Chinese Printable where possible! 

This week, we have created Rainbow Colours printable to teach little ones colours in Chinese. This printable is bilingual and the child simply has to match the correct words to its respective colours.

If you take a closer look, the ‘Colour Words’ comes in black and rainbow.

IMG 1   IMG 2   


Level 1 Difficulty: Match rainbow ‘Colour Words’ to its respective colours.

Level 2 Difficulty: Match black ‘Colour Words’ to its respective colours. This can only be done when the child recognises the Chinese characters.

IMG_2492   IMG_2496

Alternative Play:

  1. Place all the ‘Colour Words’ in a bag or box.
  2. Get child to draw a ‘Colour Word’
  3. Get child to search for objects related to the ‘Colour Word’ in the house.

This is very fun and we believe the child will learn better since it is part of play! It is advisable to conduct this activity in Chinese throughout. 

IMG_2504   IMG_2515


CLICK HERE to download the Fun Activity created by Preschool Resources

This is a bonus! We have created colouring sheet as a form of revision. The child has to colour according to the colours stated!

CLICK on the image below to download the coloring sheet. 

Colouring Sheet web

Last but not least, we should always make time for Songs! Children increase their knowledge of word meanings and word use by using new vocabulary in a variety of song contexts. The Song printable which we created has indicator at the bottom of each word. This is to encourage word recognition. It doesn’t matter if your child cannot recognise any of the words. Just have fun singing! Sing out LOUD! 

CLICK HERE to download the Song Printable


Content Source: Preschool Resources

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