Weather Elements in Chinese

Weather Elements in Chinese

I have to admit that it not easy to help our littles ones to learn Chinese especially so since English is the most common home language in Singapore. And many parents are not fluent in Chinese language itself.

Preschool Resources sees the need to help parents and their little ones to make learning Chinese less of a struggle. We will try to explore activities to make Chinese more interesting.

Here are some pointers:

  1. Always inject ‘Fun’. This rule applies be it English or Chinese.
  2. Let child experience Chinese in the littlest way, no matter how little. Make Chinese part of a daily routine.
  3. Do not give up even if you don’t see the any improviement. Be determined!
  4. Always encourage your child even if she doesn’t pronounce right.

Preschool Resources is proud to present, ‘Our Weather Elements in Chinese’!

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How to Play:

  1. There are two sets of cards. One set is the pictures and the other set is the words of weather elements.
  2. Introduce to your child to each set individually.
  3. When you child is more familiarize with each set, get her to match accordingly.
  4. You may print out 2 sets to play memory games in words or/and pictures.

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Please CLICK HERE to download the printables

Rome wasn’t built in a day! You have to devote some time to get started and be consistent. Your child will get fluent faster than if you are sporadic.

Content Source: Preschool Resources

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