Weather Chinese Descriptive Phrases

Weather Chinese Descriptive Phrases – 形容天气的常用词语

We do not encourage children to memorize things by hard. Learning should always be made enjoyable.

Knowing that Chinese Descriptive phrases play an important part in the Chinese language, we decided to present them in pictures for better understanding.

For younger children, the Chinese Descriptive Phrases are presented in pictures for their little minds to relate better.

idiom 1 web

For older children, they can match the phrases in relation to the pictures.

idiom 2 web   idiom 3 web

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Chinese Descriptive Phrases are etched on their minds if we are expressive and find chances to get them to understand better. The Chinese Descriptive Phrases we have chosen will definitely be appropriate in the local context.

The next time when a heavy storm occurs, be sure to tell your child 倾盆大雨!

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