Weather Busy Bags and Chart

Weather Busy Bags and Chart

It is important to teach children to respect and appreciate our natural environment. We should always instil in children a love for the natural world.

Weather is an awesome topic to get children started to love, embrace and understand the world they live in.

We are going to share several ideas from the recent busy bag swap and weather chart that you may want to use at home.

Preschooler Weather Busy Bag by Daddy Edmund

This an All in One Day Chart comprises of date, month, year, weather conditions in pictures, weather conditions in words and outfit of the day. Free printables are plentiful but none suits Sunny Singapore. Daddy Edmund, with his dedication created one from scratch to suit Singapore’s context.

There are alternative ways to use this day chart:

1) Days of the week card / Months of the year

If your little one is still confused with the sequence of the days of the week or months of the year, sing along and flash the cards to them. It has been scientifically proven that information taught to children in the form of a song is easier for the child to remember. They can recall the information more completely when it is needed and understand the concepts behind it when music is the teaching tool of choice.

2) Calendar date cards

Get your little one to arrange the number in order. For greater challenge, use the date cards as number cards to learn greater than and lesser than. You may use manipulative to aid learning.

3) Mummy can also show child the date of her birthday (or family members) and discuss how birthday can be celebrated.

BB1   BB5   BB2   BB3   BB4

Preschooler Weather and Seasons Busy Bag by Mummy Jayne

The child will need to classify and sort the picture cards by seasons, clothes and fashion accessories. The child will then place them into their respective season mats. It is important to start with 1 sorting mat (2 seasons) so that the child will not be overwhelmed. Increase the difficulty level by having 2 sorting mats when the child is more confident. This way, the child will not be discouraged.

While doing the activities, mummies are encouraged to discuss more about the seasons. For example,  the activities that people engage in,  the types of food that people harvest , the plants that one can see , festivals and types of celebrations in each season.

Mummy Jayne further improvised her busy bag by adding Chinese word tags. The child can match the word tags to the picture cards. It will be fun to play this activity on a wall pocket chart. Mummies can place all the pictures cards on a pocket wall chart and place all the word tags in a mystery bag. The child can randomly draw a word tag from the bag, read out to you and match it to the corresponding picture card.

This little game will aid in Chinese word recognition. Start with 6 cards so that your child will not feel compelled to finish all at once.

Jayne 1   Jayne 2

Link to clothes and accessories

Link to Sorting mats

Chinese word tags by Jayne – CLICK HERE

Toddler Weather Busy Bag by Mummy Petrina

She chose to do a weather tracking chart for the busy bag swap. The child will learn to identify the various weather elements and days of the week. This weather tracking chart will aid a child in her observation and graphing skills as well.

After plotting the graph for a week, the child can learn how to tabulate information by identifying the number of days with sun, rain or clouds. A lot of cutting was needed for Mummy Petrina’s busy bag (a pat on her shoulders).

This is the link to the free printable. CLICK HERE


Preschool Resources has improvised the busy bag by creating days of the week in Chinese. Now children can learn to identify and match the days of the week in both English and Chinese. Click on the below to download

Weather Chart in Chinese: CLICK HERE

Toddler Weather & Seasons Busy Bag by Mummy Jayne

This is a ‘triple’ functions busy bag that promotes numeracy, sorting, matching and fine motor skills! These activities serve to develop early mathematics skills as children will learn to identify and describe relationships between items.

1) Select a card, count and use the clothespin to clip on the correct answer. This activity helps to strengthen the hand muscles and work on those pincer grip. Pincer grip is essential for holding a pencil correctly.

2) Sort the cards according to four seasons of the year.

3) Comparing 2 or more cards to identify more or less.


Link to Sorting mats

Link Season Count & Clip Cards

If you prefer a bigger presentation of weather chart at home. You may consider the below. The child can manipulate the cards with greater ease according to the weather conditions.


Stay tuned as we will be exploring many other ways to get your child to ‘PLAY WITH’ weather. Haha… ‘PLAY WITH” weather! Yes, the curious minds should play a great deal!:)

Content Source: Participants from Busy Bag Swap May 2016
Edited By: Preschool Resources
The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Preschool Resources.

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