Vegetables and Fruits Sorting

Vegetables and Fruits Sorting

In this activity, you can teach your children to sort each food into the respective categories of either fruit or vegetable. You can also guide them to classify printable based on their colors, shapes or whether they are grown above or below the ground, whether they have leaves and etc.

Use the pictures to identify different fruits and vegetables. You can make a separate set of the cards without labels and then cut the labels out separately. Then the children can then put the labels with the foods for a more advanced activity.

vegandfruitssorting1  vegandfruitssorting2

Next, you can ask about where they can find the different types of fruits or vegetables in their meals. For example, you can point out that tomatoes are often found in sandwiches.

Last but not least, Classification and Sorting will help your child to develop the necessary pre-math and skills that they will continue to use for years to come. This activity also help them to identify new foods and to practice their literacy skills when they match the word with each particular food. 

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