Travel Survival – Tips for preparing busy bags for an overseas holidays

Travel Survival : Tips for preparing busy bags for an overseas holidays

School holidays is approaching and this is usually the period where we will all plan for a holiday. Travelling is fun and there will always be new learning experiences travelling as a family. However ,how do we keep our children occupied during the flight?

Fret Not ! We have included tips and ideas with the help of our mummies in helping you preparing busy bags that are flight friendly.

What is a busy bag ?

Busy bags are little self-contained educational activities that children can use on their own with little supervision. They are meant to keep children occupied.

Below are some criteria of flight friendly busy bags :

  1. Light and compact
  2. The activities must be engaging
  3. Variety of different activities with different skills sets
  4. Minimal loose and small parts


1 ) Busy bags by Mummy Jean

Mummy Jean prepared these busy bags for her 4 years old son during their Australia trip

(a) Magnetic sight words

(b) Food theme Clip on cards

You can find the printable in our Free Resources Page. 

(c) Popsicles stick shapes Card

Using Popsicles stick , build the shapes and count the numbers of sides for each shapes

Link to printable : XXX

(d) Counting

(e) Patterning

It can also be used in the game of tic tac toe

(f) Driving on shapes track

(g) Invitation to play : build  picture puzzle using foam shapes

2) Busy bags by Mummy Noraz Lina

(a) Tracing sheets

(b) Lacing activities

Assorted foam shapes can be purchase at popular book store. Punch holes around the foam shapes and invite the child to lace (using shoes lace) along the holes

(c) Popsicles stick puzzles

Print your child's favorite characters on self-adhesive paper. Laminated them for durability. Paste and label numbers/alphabets on the popsicles sticks.

(d) Button snake

3) Busy bags by Mummy Jocelyn

Mummy Jocelyn prepared these busy bags for her 5 years old and 23 months daughters together with some books and drawing materials during their recent trip

(a) Colours sorting activities

Self-adhesive magnetic tape are attached to poms poms to prevent the poms poms from dropping while the activity is being conducted. All items can be purchased at Daiso including the colours magnetic sheets, whiteboard and poms poms

Weather theme chinese colours sorting activities

You can download the printable under our Weather Themed Article. 

(b) Patterning activities


(c) Alphabets activities

4) Busy bags by Mummy Tanvi

Mummy Tanvi prepared these busy bags for her toddler during one of her trips

(a) Colour sorting busy bag with magnetic Popsicles stick and coloured paper clips

(b) Colour matching busy bag with corrugated paper and clothespin

(c) Patterns matching busy bag

(d) Alphabets tracing dry ease sheet

(e) Upper and lower case alphabets matching activities with dots stickers and toilet roll. This activity is very versatile. You can use replace it with numbers too.

(f) Lacing activity with straws and shoes lace

Besides promoting fine motor skills , this busy bag also helps to promote visual discrimination (patterning ABAB )

(g) Counting activity with clothespin

With so many ideas from our mummies , we hope we have inspire you to make some busy bags in preparation for your holiday. Stay tune for our next post on Australia theme busy bag article ( with free printables ) 

Content Source: Mummy Jean Chen, Jocelyn Pua-Ng, Noraz Lina, Tanvi
Edited By: Preschool Resources
The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Preschool Resources

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