The Tots' Classroom


Due to an increased climate of competition, the majority of parents in Singapore are spending hundreds of dollars on extra classes. Many do not realize they are making childhood too stressful for their children!

Extra class should provide delightful experience and indulge children with lots of play. Children's play unlocks their creativity and imagination, and develops reading, thinking, and problem solving skills as well as further develops motor skills. It provides the base foundation for learning.

In the The Tots' Classroom, developing children's potential through play lays the foundation of their programme. The programme was written by a loving father, Dr Alvin Lee, for his 3 children. Dr Alvin Lee is a Professor in an Australian University. One of his research areas is how children learn. He published internationally, including a chapter in the Handbook of Consumer Psychology 2016 – Children as Consumers. Dr Alvin Lee is equipped with the knowledge of children development stages and and is able to identity appropriate activities to help children meet their milestones. The programme is then brought to Singapore's enrichment centre, The Tots' Classroom, where developing children's movement, coordination, sensorial, emotional and social skills are emphasized. 


Classes offered in The Tots' Classroom:

1. Enrichment classes- 2* to 6 years old.

* They do take in children as young as 12 months old who are able to walk independently with parental accompaniment.

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2. Playgroup program – 3 years old and below.

This is weekday class catering to parents who prefer class more than 1 day.

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Why is The Tots' Classroom different?

1. The Tots' Classroom respects each child as being a unique individual with their own learning pace. The key is to build self confidence for children to release maximum potential. 


2. A wide array of books for parents to borrow to encourage reading.

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3. Busy bags catering to different learning needed can be borrowed too.


The Tots' Classroom

Address: Block 531, Bedok North Street 3, #01-704 Singapore 460531
Phone: 6445 5881