Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find a good laminator ?

You can try the Brand: GBC laminator which is available in all Popular Bookstore. Normally when on Sales, it is selling at SGD$39.90


Where can I buy Velcro ?

You can get the following velcros from Daiso

1) 5cm width x 15cm
Self Adhesive type

2) 2.5cm x 30cm
Self Adhesive type

3) 2.5cm x 20cm
Non Adhesive type

4) 5cm x 30 cm
Non Adhesive type


Alternatively, you can buy online by clicking HERE

Where can I get washable Crayons ?

Crayola washable markers can be cleaned off so easily when they're used for these tracing activities. Though they're not whiteboard markers, but they can be used perfectly on these sheet protectors.



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