Seimpi School Of Music Review 5

Within Six months at Seimpi Music, my girl has completed her MIM® Encore preparatory course. Even till now, she has showed great enthusiasm and passion towards music.

All thanks to the LiL tots recital that she has participated in April 17’ which has spurred her interests further. She enjoys being a limelight on the stage where she could display all her hard work and efforts that she had put in to the audience.

She even tells me that she want to play a longer piece of song in future :)

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With that, she has already equipped with the below skills to move on to the next level, MIM® Encore course

  1. Differentiation of bass clef and treble clef
  2. Note recognition from C, D, E, F, G
  3. Time values (crotchet , minim ,dotted minim , semibreve )
  4. Understand music terms Allegro, Andante , Largo , Legato, Stacco, piano , forte and play accordingly
  5. Able to identify if it is a step or skip of the music notes

In the next level , the focus will be more on music rest, music maths, time signature and more different techniques of play.

Course materials for  MIM® Encore course ( Yellow Book Series)

Catchy and lively nursery rhymes and songs such as oh, where has my little dog gone ! , Pop go the weasel can be found inside this series where the children can play and sing along with these familiar tunes.

My girl does encounter some difficulties when D and F positions are being introduced to her as the notes will be different due to the positioning of the finger.

For example , under the middle C postilion , notes will be in C.D. E. F .G. However , under the D position, notes will be in D, E,F,G,C.

Thanks to her dedicated teacher, Elynn whom explained to her the concept patiently.

Under her guidance, she finally grasp the concept and able to play fluently with practice at home.

Music terms and concepts are always introduced through hands on materials and games so that children can grasp the concept better while having fun.

1) Music Rest – Too too train

– Match the correct times value with the corresponding rest

2) Music Fractions

– Introduce concepts such as one whole, half , quarter for the time values

– use different time value to form 1 count

3) Time signatures

– Identify the time signatures and select the correct missing time values and match accordingly

4) Sight Reading exercises

– Teacher Elynn will use the rhythms sticks and beat accordingly to the rhythms while the students play on the keyboard

All in all, we are able to see how my girl has progress and benefited from music. Playing music helps to improve her concentration skills and develops self-confidence which, in turn, improve cognitive ability.

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Disclaimer: Seimpi School Of Music sponsored one term of music lessons for purposes for the review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are entirely ours. 

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