Recently, we attend a trial class at Seimpi Music as my daughter; aged 4.5 yrs old has expressed her interests in music. She come to me one day and asked," Mummy, can I learn piano please?”

I replied her, Sure! I have always wanted her to pick up something of her interests which is less academic but I am afraid that she is too overwhelmed by her current activities. Since right now she has initiated, thus I decided to bring her to a music school.

So, I began to search for some music schools that are nearby to my areas since learning music is a long term commitment

We attended our first trial class at Seimpi Music branch at Centerpoint shopping centre as there is no slot available at Hougang mall

Firstly, Teacher Shirley greeted us and brought us to the music room.


She started the lesson by inviting my girl to guess the titles of the nursery rhythms that she will be playing such as twinkle twinkle little stars, old Macdonald had a farm, London bridge and etc

Next, Flashcards are introduced in the session to teach on music beats and notes count.

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After some theoretical session on the music beats, we got into the hands-on session. Here. Teacher Shirley played the tune “She’ll be coming round the mountain song" on the piano while my girl used the castanets and tap "ta ta", "ti ti" accordingly to teacher Shirley instructions.


Follow by that, some exercises from the workbook is used to revise what she has just learnt. The book is very interactive as it is designed with very minimal writing for a beginner. Most pages are sticker based activities. The child has to select the correct answer stickers and paste against the questions.

Since all children love stickers, my girl finished all the exercises in just 5 minutes.


Note reading and proper playing techniques (using all fingers on the right hand) are also being introduced with visual aid and keyboard cloth. Teacher Shirley first guided my girl on how to locate note C on the keyboard cloth.


Practical time – locating all the note C on the real keyboard. Followed by that, is the fingers exercise song . Lastly but not least, Teacher Shirley guided her to play a simple piece of song "Hot cross buns by indicating the notes (alphabets) on the song sheet. She felt thrilled about this and definitely looking forward for more piano lessons


What we liked:

  • Music appreciation and hands on activities in the class
  • Exposure to note reading and proper playing techniques are being taught in a play and learn environment
  • Parents accompanied is encouraged

If you are keen to start your child on piano, you might want to go for a free trial.


Contact no. 67376731

Disclosure: This is a complimentary trial music session. All opinions are from the Mummy