Sea Transportation

Sea Transportation

My son loves everything about boats so he had lots of fun with this theme. We started with some flashcards and talked about the differences between big boats (ships and tankers) and small boats, different uses for boats, and how some sea vehicles can go under water (submarines).

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CLICK HERE to download the Flashcards Sea Transport Printable

Next we did a simple science experiment! We first folded some origami boats and made some ‘fruit boats’ by cutting some apples and pears in half and inserting toothpick ‘sails’. Then we filled a small tub with some water and let our boats in! Some origami boats floated better than others, and turns out apples float better than pears.  We then gathered some other items from around the house like spoons, balls and toy cars to see which items would float and which ones would sink. This was a super fun activity to teach that in general light items can float in water but heavy items sink. If your child is older you can also go a bit deeper and explain the science principles behind buoyancy.

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The final activity was a simple matching of different items related to sea transport with their shadows. My son really likes these visual discrimination games and the small laminated cards are easy to carry around for future play.

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CLICK HERE to dowloading the Matching Silhouettes pPrintable.

My child enjoyed all aspects of this theme but I think he especially enjoyed playing with the origami boats and seeing them float on water. We also tried to blow on the sails of the apple boats to have a mini race.

A sweet ending to the sea transportation theme is a great Chinese book: 小船的旅行. It is about the trip a small boat took to deliver a letter for a boy. This is one of my son’s favourite Chinese books. The language used is simple and the illustrations are beautiful.

Book 1   book 2


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