Sea Animals Activities

Learn to read, count, spell and recognise all in one activity!
In this 11-paged exercise, parents can help their toddlers recognise sea animals, spell their names and even count! 
With each animal, comes little facts about them that parents can help them understand better. At the end of the exercise, allow your toddler to use the pages as a colouring pages. It's going to keep your little one busy for awhile.
Some tips to memorise when using this activity:
1) Repeat at least three times
3 times a charm! It helps your child remember better by repeating an action 3 times.
Take the page with one turtle for example,  ask your child if he or she recognises the animal, if he or she doesn't know, tell your child what animal it is, state an obvious visual fact (e.g it has a shell) and get your child to repeat with the fact that you've shared.
Give your child a praise (e.g high five) then ask your child again, what animal it is with the fact.
After your child has done this, praise your child and ask one more time to repeat the animal type and the fact again to cover the third time your child will be saying what animal it is.
2) Keep in loud!
Studies have shown that saying things out loud helps you remember better.
All the more, spell it out loud! Help you child remember better by saying the word to be spelt and spelling it out loud!
At the end of the day, just have fun with your child. If they did exceptionally well, colouring the activity sheet could be a reward :)
Click HERE to download this fun-packed activity. 
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