Race & Culture- Singapore’s Ethnic Groups

Deepavali 3
Race & Culture- Singapore’s Ethnic Groups

Singapore is a dynamic, multiracial and multicultural society. With the multitudes of cultures and people that our children will interact, it is important to help them become respectful and appreciative of different culture and heritage. Providing opportunities for children to understand the unique facets of their community allow them to be more appreciative of their own culture too.

Mummy Janice did up a very simple matching game for her child to learn more about the different ethnic groups in Singapore.

Ethnicity 1   Ethnicity 2    Ethnicity 3

CLICK HERE to download the Printables

Mummy Jaclyn focused on the festivals which the ethnic groups celebrate. She introduced arts and crafts to her toddler. These arts and crafts activities will definitely provide hours of fun and learning. They promote fine motor skills too!

1. Malay- Ketupat Weaving

Hari 1   Hari 2   

Hari 3

2. Indian – Diwali Lamp  

Deepavali 1   Deepavali 2    

Deepavali 3

3. Chinese – Chinese Red Packet dot-to-dot and Q-tip painting

Ang Pow 1   Ang Pow 2   Ang Pow 3   Ang Pow 4

CLICK HERE to download dot-to-dot red packet printables

4. Eurasian – Christmas Tree using bread clips christimas stickers as decoration

Xmas 1   Xmas 2   Xmas 3

Mummy Jaclyn did an activity sheet for his son to relate to his social environment. He had fun identifying his friends from different races!

Activity 1   Activity 2

CLICK HERE to download the Theme Race and Culture Activity Sheet

One of the best gifts we can give to our children is to prepare them to thrive in this world. We must inspire our children to be curious about the world and teach them to appreciate, communicate and interact with people across different cultures.

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