Race and Culture Busy Bags

Race & Culture Busy Bags

One of the most challenging tasks is to provide children with diverse and multicultural experiences. Diversity cannot be taught directly and it is not getting children to dress up in ethnic costumes or eating ethnic food. Teaching diversity offers opportunities to teach children to be tolerant, respectful and accepting of differences.

Mummy Verrone’s busy bag aims to get children to understand more about each race & culture.

Game 1 – Grouping

Group all the cards accordingly to their religion.

Verrone Chinese   Verrone Malay

Game 2 – Spin and match

  • Open up all the cards.
  • Spin the spinner and select a card to match the religion that the spinner has stopped at.
  • Make a brief description of the card that is selected.

Verrone BB

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Mummy Vivian brought diversity to another level by including different countries in her busy bag.

Game 1 – Matching

Find matching sets of each nationality consisting of a person in their national costume, national flag and their national/ traditional food.

Vivian BB1

Game 2 – Memory Game

  1. Pick a few countries sets for a start.
  2. Cover all the cards and have child open either 2 or 3 categories of the cards to match by the country’s flag and costumer or flag and food or all 3 categories

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Game 3 – Find the other half

Cut the cards into halves and have child match the pictures. E.g. Cut up the flag cards and ask child to find matching pieces.

Vivian BB

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Mummy Vivian added a bonus activity to foster a child’s creativity. The child has to design her very own national costume!

Vivian BB2

It is indeed a challenging theme! Probably the best way to support young children’s own secure identity development and at the same time expose them to diversity and tolerance is to allow them opportunities to interact with people from all walks of life! Singapore being a multiracial country definitely offers more opportunities!

Content Source: Mummy Verrone & Mummy Vivian
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