Process Art for Little Humans

Process art is an artistic movement recognized within the art fraternity worldwide that focuses on the process of creation rather than the end product itself. It is a fun and creative way, which the little humans are free to explore, express and create. There is no “correct” end product. It doesn’t even matter if it isn’t nice.  If you would like to engage your little humans in some artistic activities, but find craft work a little too specific and stressful, process art is for you!

Jingle Bell Process Art
Last Christmas, we tried a simple process art for Christmas, using bells and paint in red and green. I like it that the mess in contained in a box; I don’t even need to clean up after! It kept C engaged for a good 20mins. We also explored the concepts of speed (making the bell roll faster or slower) and direction (making the bell go in certain direction).

You will need

  • a box that can fit your paper
  • paper
  • paint (I’m using Crayola washable)
  • bell


  1. Apply a few blobs of paint on the paper.
  2. Throw in the bell
  3. Let your child roll it around, within the box!

Jingle Bell for Babies

jingle bell_baby2

I also tried a mess-free version for my baby.

jingle bell_baby1

You will need

  • ziplock bag
  • paper
  • paint (I’m using Crayola washable)
  • bell


  1. Apply a few blobs of paint on the paper.
  2. Carefully place the paper into the ziplock bag.
  3. Throw in the bell.
  4. Let baby squish away!

Painting with Flowers
This is one of my favourite because we painted with one of the prettiest ‘paint brushes’ around.  A simple set up with paints in primary colours.

painting with flowers1 painting with flowers2
painting with flowers3 painting with flowers4

Exploring Shapes with Process Art
We explored the shape of circle through process art. First up, you need to collect a few items that are in the shape of a circle, of various sizes. We used Q-tip, cotton ball, bottle cap and yoghurt tub. Toilet paper roll will fit in well too!

circles1 circles2
circles4 circles3

Valentine Process Art
We did a simple heart shape stamping with toilet paper roll and paints in red, white and pink. Half way through stamping, it progressed to fingerprinting and hand printing. Lots of sensory exploration here!

valentines1 valentines2
valentines3 valentines4

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