Ocean Animals Part 2

The ocean is full of fascinating animals, and children love to learn about them. Use an ocean theme as a context in which to teach your kids a variety of skills.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1) Fishing Games

(a) This activity can be adapted to teach your child a variety of skills. First, build a fishing rod with a chopstick with a string tied to one end. The string should be fairly long because it will be used to “fish” for ocean animals made from paper. Attach a small magnet to the other end of the string. Print out shapes of ocean animals on hard paper; or print them out on regular paper, and laminate them. Put paper clips on each of the animals. Your child will then stands up and fish for the animals on the ground.

Kin Tan-1

Click HERE to download Fishing Game activity on numbers, shapes and ocean animals 

(b) You can write numbers on the animals, letters, and even sight words. You can have your child fish for his favorite number and tell you what it is. You can ask her to search for a particular sight word and then read it to you when she pulls it up. Another idea is to print letters on each animal and have your child fish for the letters in his name. You might forego printing anything on the animals at all and print out realistic pictures of animals and have children fish for particular ones to teach them to identify different sea animals. You could also print out shapes, cut them out, and use them to teach your children shapes. Teach your child colors by printing them out on different colored papers.

Vivian_1 Vivian_2

Click HERE to download the Fishes Printables

This activity is very versatile and fun for kids, including young toddlers, to do. It promotes the concepts you want to teach your child, and it also provides motor skill practice. Children also practice patience as they learn how to use the rod to get the “fish” they want.

2) Ocean animals Craft

Help your child build crafts that resemble ocean animals by using string, paper plates, paper, crayons, glue, markers, etc. to teach them about ocean life. The sky is the limit in how your child constructs his crafts.

image1 image2
image3 image4
image5 image6

Crafts help children to identify ocean animals and to practice art-related skills. You can teach children how to cut by having them use scissors to cut out the shape of an animal. They also learn fine motor skills when they glue, use a marker or crayon to color, or when they use glue.

Crafts also promote problem-solving and decision-making skills, language development when a child talks about her craft, visual spatial skills, and creativity.

 Art also teaches children about their world by exposing them to new cultures and aspects of the natural environment.

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