I am Unique- My Senses

This is one my favourite themes! Why? Simply, my boy got to play and explore his senses.  Play isn’t just play. Play has to be made purposeful, intentional as readiness skills grow through purposeful play. Play becomes purposeful when children’s potential for learning is enhanced while the attributes of play are heightened.

Don’t belittle play especially one which is purposeful, intentional as it develops skills for school success, including emotional skills and positive approaches to learning.  

After all, all children love playing! 

I had fun with my boy as I got to play too! Return to innocence?

1. Sense of Smell- Spice Painting

This sensory activity allows creativity expression and tantalizes the senses.


  1. Spices: I used paprika, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper and ground assorted spices (five spices).
  2. Paper
  3. Water
  4. Paintbrush


Before painting, I got my boy to smell everything and talk about it. My son’s favourite smell was nutmeg!

image3   image5   image6


The trick was to add a very small amount of water so that the colour would be intense. I did not interfere and allowed his creativity to flow.

image7  image8  

image9  image10

And here is the masterpiece! It looks like a dragon, doesn’t it?



2. Sense of hearing- Use of modern technology

Well, I urge all mummies to use IPhone in a more meaningful way! It is not always for YouTube and games. I made a deck of cards with animals and selected videos of Animal Sounds from You Tube.

STEP 1: Select videos of Animal Sounds. Please choose those that DO NOT introduce the animal before its sound.

You may like this: ~ http://youtu.be/h8Q-jlHBcXM

STEP 2: Prepare your cards in sequence according to the video you have selected.

STEP 3: Play the animal sound and get your child to identify the animal accordingly. DO NOT show the video. Just let your child listen.

Links to materials: CLICK HERE

IMG_7720   IMG_7729  



3. Sense of Taste- Just Taste It

This is simple but not so simple especially for children who are less adventurous.

  • Sour: Lemon
  • Sweet: Honey
  • Bitter: Unsweetened cocoa powder mix with water
  • Spicy: Chilli sauce
  • Salty: Soya sauce

Tip: Always have your child’s water bottle ready to flush down unpleasant taste (This sounds so cruel!)

Allow your child to choose what he wants to taste and encourage the child to describe the taste. Finally, get your child to choose another victim and in this case, the granny! LOL…

image1    IMG_7774   

IMG_7775   IMG_7776   IMG_7779   

IMG_7783   IMG_7785   IMG_7791


4. Sense of Touch- fischer TiP

Apparently, fischer TiP is a big hit in Germany. The fischer TiP creative material, made of potato starch and natural food colours, fires the playful creativity and fantasy of children from age three. It is only necessary to moisten the fischer TiP with a moist sponge cloth and press them together.  It works on those fine motor skills too!

I loved the bonding session with my boy while doing the models together. Unlike dough play, the models made from fischer TiP can be kept and played with. Be creative and get your fingers moving!

IMG_7820   IMG_7839   IMG_7845

IMG_8197   IMG_8195   


Link to purchase:CLICK HERE


5. Ultimate Sensory Play- We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

This the Ultimate Sensory Play! This tantalizes all the senses but beware of a messy play! It is alright to offer messy activities as most children revel in explorations where they use two or more of their five senses. Well, the fun part is Mummy got to play too! Return to innocence indeed.


  • Grass- Fake grass patch from Daiso
  • River- Mix blue and green watercolour into water. Got my child to mix it so that he could see how the colour changed slowly.
  • Mud- Oobleck! Mix flour, water and cocoa powder. Recipe here: – http://m.livescience.com/21536-oobleck-recipe.html This is worth exploring on its own.
  • Forest- Cushion paper from Daiso
  • Snow- Flour
  • Cave- couch and cushions. Mummy Janice put a bear flash card into the 'cave'. You may replace it with a bear figurine.

FullSizeRender   IMG_7892   

I read the book while my boy manoeuvred the Lego man. The excitement came when he had to rush to 'bed' (handkerchief). That didn't end! The part my boy enjoyed most was free play because he could mix everything up. It was a messy play! But worth it! Look at the SMILES!

IMG_7901   IMG_7904   IMG_7907   

IMG_7917   IMG_7943   IMG_7952   

IMG_7958   IMG_7963   IMG_7967

Always provide opportunities for children to be actively engaged with the world around them. This process enables children to construct information about nature and how things work, the people around them, and themselves. Children are naturally curious and want to explore!


Content Source: Mummy Janice Ong

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