My Neighbourhood

My Neighbourhood- Discovery of the World

Children should behave like ‘Little Scientists’. They are born with imaginations and desire to explore the beautiful world. We should always encourage children to observe and discover everything around them. This activity is created with this in mind.

Learning Areas: 
1. Aesthetics and Creative Expression 
2. Discovery of the World 
3. Numeracy    

1. Identify shapes around us                            

Materials needed:
1. Paper plate
2. Scissors
3. Marker

1. Draw shapes around the edge of the paper plate
2. Cut in between each shape

Give your child the paper plate and as you walk round the neighbourhood, the child can simply fold down the shape as she spots it in the surroundings. Once home, print out the photos and get the child to classify the shapes.    

image1 web   image2 web   image3 web   

image4 (2) web   image5 web   

image6 (1) web   image7 web   

image8 web
This is a very versatile activity and you can use it for phonics by matching the beginning sound of the object to the alphabet on the paper plate.    

Tips for this activity:
1. The child’s world is up close and low to the ground. Please see from her point of view. This will help you rediscover the sense of wonder of a young child.
2. Follow your child’s lead. Do not interfere or manipulate.
3. Keep in mind the slow pace of her world. Don’t get impatient.
4. Enjoy the process by giving no stress.

I believe you will have fun rediscovering and exploring the neighbourhood with your child! 

Content Source: Mummy Jing Er
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