We have to admit that this is not an easy topic to tackle when we searched for materials. Why? The first ingredient to friendship is interaction. It requires communication, compliments and kindness. We scratched our heads real hard to think of what to do!

1. Communication by Mummy Jayne

Mummy Jayne is our mandarin expert and she came out with this set of materials to encourage children to interact in mandarin.

Objective: 教学目标:
a. Allow parents to know friends of child

b. Allow parents to use this material to role play with child in mandarin

c. Allow parents to communicate with child in mandarin

d. Foster good relationship
Link to material: Click On the Below Image


2. Compliments and kindness by Daddy Edmund

Dedicated Daddy Edmund decided to do friendship bands!
Compliments and kindness are easy ways to strike a friendship. It feels good to receive a sincere compliment for the kind gesture. And yes, it helped to work on those fine motor skills!
Do share with us your own variation of friendship bands!

Band 1 web     Band 4 web


3. Kindness by Mummy Janice

Mummy Janice came out with a simple activity. This activity introduced child the difference between BUDDY and BULLY. It teaches the child how to treat their friends the right way. Nobody wants a BULLY!
Link to material: 

Buddy Bully 2_web  Buddy Bully 1_web

4. Books

Friends Are the Best! (Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood) by Maggie Testa
This book is about friendship. It is for children to find out what friendship means and how important it is. It teaches a child how to treat a friend and how they should help each other! My boy is a big fan of Daniel Tiger! Nothing will go wrong as long as it is Daniel Tiger.

Daniel Tiger

5. Sing and Move Along

Here’s the list of songs and videos which mummies recommended.

a. 找朋友:
Video 1
Video 2

b. Hello Friend: Click Here

With a little help from you, your little one will definitely be more open and expand his social circle!

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