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I am Unique- My Emotion: ‘Emo Animals’

I always believe that it is important for my child to appropriately express his emotions to avoid meltdown. Feeling understood helps him let go of troubling emotions. We have to accept our child’s emotions, rather than denying or minimizing them. Emotions should be expressed. This fun and engaging activity is definitely a wonderful way to teach a child how to express his emotions.

Firstly, we need the help of 2 dice. One die displays 6 different emotions and the other die displays 6 different animals.


I got my child to roll the dice simultaneously and act out accordingly. I couldn’t help but had a good laugh at his ‘acting skills’


Sick Rabbit


Angry Bird

My charming HAPPY FISH.

Happy Fish

And finally my enormous SAD ELEPHANT!

Sad Elephant

This activity can be further explored by getting the child to identify the reasons behind the emotions. At the same time, get the child to relate to incidents when she felt similarly and teach her how to deal with them positively.

a. Get child to explain why she thinks the animal is feeling that way.

E.g. The rabbit is angry because someone stole his carrots.

b. Get child to relate when she felt similarly. Get child to acknowledge the emotion.

E.g. You were angry because your little sister took your toy without asking. You were very upset and screamed at her. You must be very mad.

c. Teach the child problem solving

E.g. You were very angry because your little sister took your toy without asking. Sometimes you feel like not playing with her anymore. But you also really like playing with her. I wonder what you could say to her, so that she could hear how you feel.

When we help our children feel secure to express their emotions, we not only heal their psyches and bodies; we help them trust their own emotional process so that they can handle their own emotions when they get older.

I hope I will be able to raise an emotionally intelligent child. I believe I have to first set an example by staying calm. As the saying goes, ‘Monkey see, monkey do! I KNOW it is never easy!

Download the 2 DICE from this LINK and have great fun together!

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I am Unique- My Emotion File Folder Games

I love file folder games as they are versatile, inexpensive and store easily! Use a colourful file folder, print out the pieces and follow the instructions to assemble. I always keep several games in a box. It comes in handy when my child needs a quiet activity or I want to reinforce a skill.

This file folder games is assembled to help my child identify basic emotions, match emotions to facial expressions and practise basic empathy by imagining what others may feel in a given situation. 
FFG 1 web   FFG 2 web

Colour My Feelings- This is simply colouring and to associate colours with various emotions
(E.g. blue = sad; red = angry). 

FFG 4 web

How Are We Feeling?- This is to get child to be aware of emotions.

FFG 3 web

Feelings- This booklet serves to identify different emotions. It works as flashcards too!
FFG 6 web

Match The Feelings- This is simply matching 2 identical cards. To instil fun, I got my boy to act out according to the cards. I used these to play memory game as well.

FFG 7. web

How Are They Feeling?- This simple booklet serves to further reinforce different types of emotions.

FFG 5 web

This is Me… I feel???- The Child can draw in his feelings and get creative. You may consider laminating it so that your child can create different emotions. You may want to give different scenarios for your child to identify and express through drawings.

FFG 8 web

I always keep these 5 steps in mind when dealing with my child’s frantic outburst. 

Be aware of emotions
Tune in to your child’s feelings and your own.

Connect with your child
Use emotional moments as opportunities to connect.

Listen to your child
Respect your child’s feelings by taking time to listen carefully.

Name emotions
Help your child identify and name emotions.

Find good solutions
Explore solutions to problems together.

Patience… Patience… Patience… I have to admit that while I am dealing with my child’s outburst, I am always trying to calm myself down as well. I always caught myself using the breathing techniques to minimize the negative effects of my emotions. I believe my outburst will affect my child adversely. In fact, I am learning together with my child. 

Here’s the link to My Emotions File Folder Games.

Content Source: Mummy Rosa
Edited By: Preschool Resources
The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Preschool Resources

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