My Country Singapore

My Country Singapore

We do not have to wait till our children reach primary school to build their culture and national identity. Instilling a sense of culture and national identity helps our children in many ways.

  1. Build better relationship with peers as they feel that they belong to a common group with shared custom, language, belief and behaviour.
  2. Build security as she belonged to a country or group rather than being alone in this big world.
  3. Forge cultural identity in children. Our children will be growing up with children from different countries who have different cultures, race and religions.

Here are some ways to help our children build their culture and national identity:

1. Introduce National Day songs

Children will be thrilled when they can have fun singing songs with actions and props! It will be an awesome time of family bonding.

Mummy Janice loves the song, Five stars arising. It teaches little minds symbols of the Singapore’s flag too! The song was accompanied by simple props of the moon, the five stars and the flag. Her boy had to raise the props according to the lyrics. 

Flag   Moon&Stars

The lyrics go like this:

There's a new moon arising, out of the stormy sea
Youthful and bright and bearing hope, and tranquil as can be
Reach out for the moon above, savour freedom, truth and love
There's a new moon arising, out of the stormy sea

There are five stars arising, out of the stormy sea
Each is a lamp to guide our way; a lamp for all to see
Reach out for the stars above, savour freedom, truth and love
There are five stars arising, out of the stormy sea

There's a new flag arising, out of the stormy sea
Crimson as the blood of all mankind, yet white and pure and free
Reach out for the flag above, savour freedom, truth and love
There's a new flag arising, happy and proud are we

Here is the Youtube video:


2. Read with them

Introduce them to books that tell them about their nation and culture. ‘Timmy & Tammy’ set of books is a series of picture travel books about a pair of siblings named Timmy & Tammy visiting places in Singapore with their parents.

NDP   What is Singapore

Preschool Resources decided to create the printable, My Singapore. It is information based with attractive pictures, I SPY game and a page for children to express their thoughts about Singapore through creativity. We hope that you will enjoy reading and doing the simple activities with your children.

Slide2   Slide3 

 Slide4   Slide5   

Slide6   Slide7

CLICK HERE to download My Singapore Printable

3. Visit places of interest

Explore Singapore together with you children. Bring your children to the different places of interest in Singapore such as the Little India, Chinatown, Haji Lane, National Art Museum, Singapore Flyer, Botanical Gardens, Singapore Museum, Sentosa and the Zoo etc. Let them run, play and learn all about Singapore.

4. Arts and Crafts Activities

Include culture and national identity in your arts and crafts activities. Teacher Nurul did Parade Cone with her class. Arts and crafts activities will stimulate your child's imagination and creativity, helping with physical and mental development.

Parade Cone1   Parade Cone2

5. Celebrate!

Do something special on National day! You may want to decorate your house in red and white to liven up the atmosphere and celebrate the National Day together as a family. You may want to dress in red and white too! Mummies can whip up local dishes to help your children learn about them too!

Singapore being a multi-cultural society celebrates many festivals. Take the chance to let your child indulge in the rich culture of Singapore by visiting your friends of other races.

6. Share photos

I believe your children will be glad if you share photos of your growing up days and of course your parents and grandparents too! It will be a great bonding session telling your children stories about the past!

We can play our little part to prevent the dilution of our national identity and the values that made possible our achievements in the past 50 years!

Happy National Day in advance!

​Content Source: Mummy Janice, Mummy Pearlyn and Teacher Nurul
Edited By: Preschool Resources
The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Preschool Resources.


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