We have gathered a group of mummies to share learning resources. A theme is provided per week and there are 6 areas of learning we hope to cover. We hope to trigger learning by inducing fun!

1. Aesthetics and Creative Expression
2. Discovery of the World
3. Language and Literacy
4. Motor Skills Development
5. Numeracy
6. Social and Emotional Development
So, here’s the fruit of our first joined effort!

1. Name and Identify body parts in English and Mandarin
a. Mummy Rosa
Activity: Correctly match the Chinese characters to the body parts using the velcro attachments. To make this activity more interesting, point to parts of the body while singing "两只老虎“.
Link to material: CLICK HERE 
Link to song: "两只老虎“


b. Mummy Jing Er

Activity: Firstly, use shape cut-outs to form a 'shape person'. Secondly, get your child to identify the different parts of the body. Label the body parts as the child identifies. Thirdly, get your child to identify and count the different shapes used. Lastly, get your child to put the fly cut-out on the different positions as you call out various sentences using the prepositions 'on' and 'under'.
(Eg. "Oh dear! The fly is on his/her nose.", "Oh dear! The fly is under his/her ear!"etc.)
Link to material: 
Click Here
Lesson adapted from: http://ateachingmommy.com/shape-person/


c. Mummy Janice
Activity: The child will get to know more about himself with the aid of worksheets as per link below. My boy has learnt how to spell his name and count the number of characters in his name. He got to know himself better from the worksheets (colour of eyes, colour of hair, favourite colour, handprint and footprint). I took the chance to tell him that fingerprints are unique to each individual and never change. We did our fingerprints to make him understand better.
Link to material:

My Body1 web         My Body4_web          My Body7 web    

My Body8 web

??????????????  My Body10 web

My Body12 web  My Body11 web  


d. Mummy Tricia
Activity: Match the words to the body parts correctly. Practise scissor skills by cutting out the words in the worksheet.
Link to material:
Click Here



2. Motor Skills
a. Mummy Janice
Activity: Firstly, create a brain headband and get the child to put it on. Secondly, play 'Brain says'. (Eg. "The Brain says do a star jump!", "The brain says put your hands on mummy's head!"etc.) This was simple fun and we switched roles too. My boy got to give instructions and I wore the brain headband instead.
Lesson adapted from:



3. Numeracy
a. Mummy Tanvi
Activity: To learn counting using fingers with the aid of visuals.
Lesson adapted from:


4. Aesthetics and Creative Expression
a. Mummy Janice
Activity: Find the hidden words. Firstly, use white crayon to draw or write words of body parts on different pieces of paper (dependent on the age of your child). Secondly, get your child to paint the pieces of paper with water colour. The drawings or words will appear like magic! This will definitely excite your child and trigger learning! Your child may even ask for more!
Lesson suggested by: Mummy Tricia

   Body Parts1_web          Body Parts2_WEB        Body Parts3_web

5. Books
a. From head to Toe by Eric Carle
This is an interesting book and I actually got my child to act out accordingly. We had fun and it definitely helped work on gross motor skills.

head to toe

b. I love you through and through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak
A simple to understand book with adorable illustrations. I brought out my child’s favourite stuff toy to join in the fun!

I love you through and through_book

6. Sing and Move Along
Song is a special type of speech. Songs aid a child's ability to think in words. Listening to and singing along with rhymes and songs uses and develops both sides of the brain. So, let’s sing song!

Here’s the list of songs and videos which mummies recommended.

a. The bath song: Click Here
b. One Little Finger: Click Here
c. If You are Happy: Click Here
d. My Body Parts Song: Click Here
e. Head , shoulders, knees and toes: Click Here
f. 10 Little Fingers: Click Here
g. 两只老虎: Click Here
h. 我的身体: Click Here
i. 身体歌: Click Here
j. My Head: Click Here
k. 巧虎-跟我一起说 我的身体 認識身體部位: Click Here
We hope this will spur mummies to do A LITTLE EXTRA for their little ones.
Stay tuned for the next theme,

I am Unique- My Family.

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