Motor Skills

Motor skills are movements and actions of the muscles. There are 2 types of motor skills which are namely gross and fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills involve movements using the large muscles of the body like running, jumping, throwing a ball etc.


Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscles in movements that involves the hand eye coordination. It is often overlooked, yet it is so important. Fine motor skills are the foundation children need before they learn handwriting, in order to have proper pencil grasp and control of a writing instrument.

There are plenty of ways to strengthen these muscles, practise coordination and develop hand eye co-ordination using everyday materials that can be found around us. 

1. Fine motor skills with golf tees

The child pushes the golf tees into the foam. Then place the same colour pom pom that matches the colour of the golf tees. It helps to promote fine motor skills and colour recognition. This activity is suitable for both toddler and preschoolers. You can purchase golf tees at Daiso.


2. Tongs / Tweezers Transfer

In addition to fine motor practice, you can use this activity to help with color recognition with pom pom. This activity is suitable for both toddler and preschoolers. You can purchase the plastic tweezer here


3. Hanging laundry with clothes pegs / clothesline 

(a)    Hanging clothes on a clothes line busy bag done by mummy Charanya


(b)    Alternatively, you can tied out a clothes line between chairs and give your child some socks and pegs. Pegs are from Daiso


4.    Lacing/Sewing/Threading activities
You can also purchase precut Eva Foam shapes from popular bookstore and use a hole puncher to punch holes around it.  Then include some shoelaces and it will become a ready to go busy bag. 

fiona_sewing  fiona_threading  

fiona_fine-motor-skills-lacing  precut-eva-foam

5.    Slotting activity 

(a)    slotting straws into holes
Mummy Mandy make use of recycle empty gerber puff container and personalize it with ribbons and stickers for her child. You can also purchase a metal puncher from popular or any craft shop so that you can purchase holes into the plastic lid easily.

mandy_fms1  mandy_fms  


(b)    Using materials like sieve , straws and bamboo skewer sticks to train on fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.


6.    Snap button activity
The child can link the strips together in line or make a linked chain, or shapes.


7.    Number locks
Incorporating numeracy with fine motor skills into an activity


8.    Wooden pegs activity


Content Source: Mummy EL Wong, Mandy Goh, Estelle Loh, Fiona R C Pan, Charanya, Jannefer Sutanto
Edited By: Preschool Resources 
The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Preschool Resources.

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