Money Sense (Part 2) – Dollars

Let's move on to dollars! 
Be it learning dollars or cents, it takes time for children to understand the concept. 
So it is important to make it fun and engaging. 

Instead of sitting down and drilling them to understand. 
Bring the learning to life. 

Below are some ideas to get you started: 

(1) Money Tree 
to make it interesting, we are going to make a money tree.
You can paste (blue tack) behind the laminated notes onto the tree. 
Depending on what you want the child to achieve.
You may paste just $2 notes and fill up the tree with it, to guide counting in 2. So on and so forth.

OR the child will shake the tree to let the notes fall. (Those that are still on the tree, they may pull it out).
Then gather all the notes and count. Write the amount on a piece of paper
You can even challenge them to count a mixture of notes.
Once they are done counting, get them to write the amount on a piece of paper.

tree-1    tree-2

Material needed for the tree:

  • Cardboard or Styrofoam 
  • Coloured paper (green)
  • Brown paint
  • Kitchen towel

To make the 3D effects apply glue all over the tree and stick kitchen      
 towel to it before painting
Leave it to dry before pasting the leaves

(2) Grocery Shopping

Time to do some shopping! Get your kids to have fun and fill up their grocery bags. 
Let’s learn counting on individual items using the dollars and cents, the name of the item and categorize it into specific bag.

How to play:
Give them a wallet filled with the dollars and cents cut-outs.
Display the food cards. The child will pick out a food card and make their payment to the cashier using their money. Drop the food card into the specific bag. 

Dare to challenge: Instead of making individual payment. The child can combine 2 items to make their payment to the cashier! 
Enjoy and have fun making your own grocery list!



(3) Home Shopping

Have your own shopping in your own comfortable home and engage them in pretend play. Parents and children can take turns to be customer or cashier as different roles allows them to generate new learnings.
They may give exact change or may need to count the change given. 
Play it in a simple individual item or challenge them to accumulate their buys. 


How to play :

  1. Get the children to bring out their favorite items and tag the amount to it. Involve them by getting them to decide how much they wish to sell their items for.
  2. Give them a wallet of money and it is time to shop!
  3. They can buy one item at a time or challenge them to buy more.
  4. Parents! You as the cashier, get ready to receive the exact amount!

 **For older kids, you can get them to calculate the change given by the cashier when they give a huge note for their purchase.

Last but not least, you can CLICK HERE to download the Printables

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