Money-Part 1

Money Sense (Part 1) – Cents

Learning to count money is one of the essential skills that a preschooler must learn before going to primary school as they will need to purchase their own food and drinks at the canteen after the transition period is over (buddy system).

In this article, you will be able to find tips and activities that parents can try at home to help preschooler to learn at their own pace.

Although, there are a lot of money teaching resources online that is available, none of them is in Singapore currency. Therefore, these series of printables is specially created to suit local content so that all our little ones will benefit.

When to teach money sense?

At the age of 3 – 5 years old, parents can introduce simple money concept. Teach them the ‘three S’ of ‘Save’, ‘Spend’, and ‘Share’. At this point, they may not be able to count. However, this will make them understand the importance of money from young.


A simple activity:

Prepare 3 empty jars/containers and label them. When the child receives some money, get them to put into one of the jar.

Individual jar serves its own purpose.  
Spend – able to use for own or others
Save – save up for rainy days
Share – able to use and buy something for everyone to share

Teaching on money can be challenging. Make it fun and enriching for them to enjoy the process .In my opinion, when the child is able to count, parents are able to teach simple money concepts. 

However, it will be good to start when they know simple multiplication of 2s, 5s and 10s. Do start off with just learning on cents by grouping the same coins and get them to count. Slowly after when they grasp the concept, then slowly increase the difficulty level.

Below are some ways to teach them:

(a) Money puzzles

Let learn the names of the coins. Identify and match them accordingly.

(b) Peg the coin value

Count the value of the coins and identify it by pegging on the correct value.

(c) Sweet treats shopping

We are going to identify every individual item cost. There is more than one way to get the correct amount. 


Alternatively, parents can give them a mixture of coins and ask them to go to the provision shop to get a lollipop. If they are able to give them correct amount to the vendor, the lollipop will be their reward.

CLICK HERE to download the Money Printable Activity

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