Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival or 中秋节 )  is fast approaching. This year falls on the 4th of October 2017 (Wednesday) .This festival is synonymous with beautiful lights, delicious mooncakes and majestic decorations while admiring the moon. It is also a good opportunity to plan a get-together with friends and family. Besides preparing some festive themed activities for my little ones, I have also make a visit to the library to borrow some books relating to mid-autumn festival or moon to read to my children on the origins of mid-autumn festival.

Sharing our library haul:

While there are many myths and legends behind the origin of Mid-autumn Festival, the most famous legend would definitely be the one about Chang Er and her husband, Hou Yi. Even so, there are still various stories behind the couple – but most of them revolve around the fact that Chang Er had downed the elixir of immortality and eventually ascended to the moon, forever.

1) Lantern Making Kit

We purchased these lantern making kits from Cold storage supermarket. You can also get them at most supermarket or SKP.


2) Mooncake making Pretend Play

Using homemade playdough and moon cake mould , the kids have fun making rainbow swirl snow skin mooncakes. Maths concept such as 1 (whole) , half  , a quarter and one third can also be introduced during this activity. You can purchase these plastic moon cakes moulds at Phoon Huat


3) Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay

Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay will run from Sept 22 to Oct 8 2017.This year, the Gardens celebrates autumn abundance with lantern sets symbolic of bountiful harvests and good fortune, nightly cultural performances, a food street featuring Asian delights, and craft booths offering activities like lantern decorating, umbrella painting and Chinese knotting.

Visit the link below for more information :


4) Sticker book

There are different activities in this sticker book to let the children learn about the origin of mid-autumn festival, how different countries celebrate mid-autumn and many more

You can purchase from HERE 


5) Wan Qing Mid Autumn Festival

Wan Qing Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 presents an exciting weekend of festive offerings suitable for the young and young at heart, including heritage trails, guided tours, lantern walkabouts, craft workshops, and evening music performances ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.

Visit the link below for more information :


6) Chinese Riddles (with free printable)

Another fun part of the Mid-Autumn Festival is solving riddles. Traditionally ,Lantern riddles are riddles that were written on the lanterns that are displayed during the festival. Now you see the riddles written on the papers and are attached to the lanterns at the festival locations. I take the opportunity to play riddles games with my children to let them  experience the beauty of the Chinese language.

You can download the printables HERE

7)) Learning music interval (with free printable)

"Intervals" is the term for the distance from one note to another. It is important to be able to recognize intervals by sight and sound. Each interval sounds different and has a different function in harmony and melody. Although learning how to find an interval may seem complex to begin with but with practice it becomes much easier. It also helps with your sight reading and memorization of music.

So here is a fun way to reinforce concepts of music interval by Seimpi Music . This is one of the classroom activities for Music for the Intelligent Mind (MIM®) program (yellow level).

You can download the printable HERE

How to play ?

1) The teacher will call out the name of the note and position. For example , third position from C

2) The child will need to turn the 'circle' on the spinning wheel to correct answer.

I have done up something similar relating to Mid-Autumn.

Materials needed :

  1. Music Staff template
  2. Yellow colour Folder
  3. Fastener


Instructions on how to make :

  1. Use the lid of a milk lid , trace out the shape using marker on the yellow folder
  2. Cut accordingly
  3. Laminate both the music staff and cut round shape circle for durability
  4. Lastly , paste the jade rabbit 玉兔 on the rim of the yellow circle

Image of the Complete product is shown below: 

Last but not least, Wishing everyone 中秋节快乐 !

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