May 2016 – Busy Bag Activitiy

Busy Bags Swap May 2016

This is our 3rd Busy Bag Swap! Each year, the mummies and daddies are getting better and more creative. For the past two Busy Bag Swaps, our topics were based on the fundamentals of learning (For eg, Literacy, Mathematics, Fine or Gross Motor Skills, and Creative Play). This year we adopted a more interesting approach, the topics were based on themes.

  1. Food
  2. Culture
  3. Wild Animals
  4. Sea Animals
  5. Seasons
  6. Weather
  7. Pets
  8. Creepy Crawlies
  9. Transportation
  10. Planets
  11. Sports & Fitness

We used these themes to create fun busy bags to draw children into activities that help them grow and develop. Learning should always be fun and exciting! It was a wonderful sharing session where parents share knowledge and ideas with one another.

We had 2 groups of swaps, one for Toddler and one for preschooler. Here’s the creative busy bags by our dedicated parents!


1. Culture by Verrone


2. Wild Animals by Joyce


3. Sea Animals by Stella


4. Seasons by Jayne


5. Weather by Petrina


6. Pets by Michelle


7.  Pets by Christine


8.  Creepy Crawlies by Rachel


9. Transportation by Anna


10. Sports & Fitness by Cherie


11. Actions tasks by En en

Foo En En


1. Food By Janice

Janice_Food and Nutrition

2. Culture by Vivian


3. Wild Animals by Elin

Elin_Wildlife   Elin_Wildlife2    

Elin_wildlife3   Elin_Wildlife4

4. Sea Animals by Lina

Lina_Sea Life

5. Seasons by Jayne

Jayne_Weather and seasons

6. Weather by Edmund

Edmund_Weather Chart   Edmund_weather chart1   

Edmund_Weather Chart2

7. Farm by En En

Fo En En_Farm

8.  Creepy Crawlies by  Michelle


9. Transportation by Wanqi

Wan Qi_Transportation   Wan qi_Transportation1

10. Planets by Verrone


11. Sports & Fitness by Stell and Jing Er

Stella Ler_Sports and Fitness   Jing Er_Sports and Fitness

We will elaborate each busy bag in details when we cover the theme. These busy bags will definitely keep our little ones busy and happy. It has always been the motto of Preschool Resources to inject fun and creativity into learning!

We will be holding another Busy Bag Swap in August 2016!

Mummies and Daddies! Are you ready to create and have fun? Stay tuned to our shout out on Facebook!

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