Last week, it was her first ever piano recital. My daughter did great and I am very proud of her as she has been preparing for this recital for months.

To my delight, she went up on stage in front of the audience and played her music piece on the grand piano without missing any notes and bowed confidently at the end of her performance.

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She started taking piano classes at Seimpi Music last September and has been doing very well. Throughout the year, Seimpi Music will organize various concerts and performances so that to encourage their students to participate for obvious good reasons.

Recitals are great because it provide the students a goal to work towards, giving their lessons more direction and increase the students’ motivation for making progress on their music pieces. In addition, parents and grandparents love them too because they get a chance to watch their child/grandchild  play their music piece up onstage.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the recital:

1) Invite your child to play in front of the family at home.  Regardless of the current state of your child's nervousness, experience playing in front of other people will make them feel more confident when the recital day arrives.

2)  Show your child music performance some clips on YouTube so as to mentally prepared her what will happened on the day of a concert

3) Have your child practice walking up the piano and bowing, just like he/she will do at the recital.

4) Practices makes perfect. I took a video of her practicing the music piece for the recital and show it to her. I then ask her for her honest opinion if she has play well. If is not, we will then work together on the areas that need improvements.


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5) Give compliments, encouragement and little rewards ( E.g. Stickers) to them for their efforts.


Also , I make sure to keep each practices session no longer than 15 minutes during weekday nights as she might be tired after a long day of school.

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