As most of parents in Singapore are working professional, time management is the utmost basic aspect that we are constantly looking out for. Advanced technology has helped us to increase our efficiency in one way or another. Here, in this product review, I would like to share with all of you the FIRST WI-FI ENABLED ROBOTIC VACUUM CLEANER from the well-established brand, LG.

This is the first SMART robot cleaner with its HomeGuardTM that allows user to keep an eye on their houses whenever they are (Similar as a Home Camera). In addition, you can use its mobile app to tap on any part of the room where you can lead the cleaner to the exact location and begins cleaning.

One feature which I would like to bring to your attention is that it has triple camera sensors. The front camera will help to enable two smart features known as Home-View and Home-Guard. Home-View transmits a real-time video feed to a paired smartphone so that you can remotely control the vacuum from the comfort of your couch.

Meanwhile, when the Hom-Bot Turbo+ detects movement in the house, it can send photos to a paired smartphone using the Home-Guard feature. So, I would recommend anyone of you to setup your smartphone and pair with the robot cleaner from the first instance you get the robot cleaner so that you can remotely control the robot cleaner. If you are using an Android smartphone, the pairing will be alot more easier as you can use Near Field Communication (NFC).

Aside the latest technology that this robot cleaner can provide, now I will share with you the cleaning capability aspect of it. 

The robot cleaner is equipped with Smart Inverter Motor™ that is supported by a 10-year warranty, offering users both  high efficiency and durability. The other highlighted feature is the Digital Bumper feature that combines multiple ultrasonic sensors which are used to recognize obstacles in the proximity and to minimize collisions, even on transparent objects such as glass. The Smart Exit function enables the unit to take various actions when faced with challenges such as weaving its way out of tight spaces, backing out from bumps, detecting ledges to prevent falling or getting stuck on door frames.  Last but not least, it has 4 different cleaning modes to choose from. 

You can refer to the video below:

In the above video, you will realise that the robot cleaner has multiple sensors which enables the robot cleaner to avoid bumping your items 

The LG Hom-Bot has a more squarish design for more effective cleaning that is unlike many robot cleaner that are round in design. Also, the edges of the Hom-Bot are curved so that there is no risk of scratching on walls or furniture. In addition, it is well-equipped with a few ultrasonic sensors to recognise obstacles to prevent collisions. Meanwhile, it has two fine brushes in front to help to pick up dust from the corners. Most importantly, this robot cleaner is able to pick up the slightest dirt which you can ever imagine.


In summary, this robot cleaner will definitely help you in your cleaning of your house and it can also act as a surveillance device too. 

Disclaimer: Preschool Resources was sponsored by LG for purpose for the review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are entirely ours

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