Learning Music with Colours

Our wooden xylophone has always been a top favourite toy at home. C tinkers with it often, sometimes requesting me to play some of her favourite tunes. When we were working on the unit on Rainbow, I colour coded one of C's favourite nursery rhyme, The Wheels On The Bus, to the colours of our xylophone.  It also helped daddy to be able to play a few tunes for the little humans too!

We didn't manage to complete the whole song. Maybe there are too many colours for a start, but at least C managed to match and follow the colour in the score to the colour on the xylophone. We'll try again! soon, with a simpler song that is made up of lesser notes.

We bought our xylophone from a wooden toy shop in Denmark, Western Australia while we were on holiday 2 years back. I was so excited that the xylophone is one that is in tuned! Always request to test the xylophone before purchasing. 

wheels on the bus row row row your boat

You can download the printable resources HERE

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