Land Transportation Chinese Story Cubes

Land Transportation Chinese Story Cubes

Children are amazing storytellers and the printable that we created will provide a great opportunity to nurture them. The story cubes aim to cultivate children’s interest in Chinese Language.


  1. Address family members in Chinese
  2. Identify colours in Chinese
  3. Identify different kinds of land transportation
  4. Learn how to use Chinese quantifier 量词: 一辆
  5. Learn how to construct simple sentences in Chinese
  6. Learn how to tell a story with all the images on the cubes

How to Play?

1. Print the template and fold into cubes.

There are 4 cubes in all: Characters, Quantifier, Colours and Land Vehicles.

2. You may want to introduce one cube at a time. This is to ensure that your child will not be overwhelmed especially so if Chinese is not the common home language. It serves to get your child to remember and understand the Chinese word without rushing.

3. When the child is ready. You may get your child to throw the cubes in the sequence below.

  • Characters
  • Quantifier 量词: 一辆 All 6 sides are the same.
  • Colours
  • Land Vehicles

3. Construct sentences. For example,



4.  Encourage your child to be creative by developing a story.

5. You can take turns developing the story, getting your child to say the next part of the story. You can make it longer or shorter.

6. You may use them for story telling in English.

Characters   Quantifier   

Colours   Vehicles

CLICK HERE to download the printable cubes

IMG_4916   IMG_4918

We hope this interactive and fun activity will encourage children to love Chinese Language. Have lots of fun!

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