Food Pyramid Sort

Food Pyramid Sort

Teaching your child about proper nutrition is an important part of their early education. You can help them master eating well from a young age by turning the process into a fun activity. At the same time, you will help your child practice skills in sorting and classifying, which are life skills they will use in a variety of contexts as they get older. Here is one fun activity you can do with your child to help them learn about food groups.

1.) Draw a large triangle on a piece of cardboard. This might be from a large box, or you might tape together two medium-sized pieces. You want it to be about half the height of a standard door. It should be about as wide as a door at the bottom. You could also just use a tall box.

food-4    food-2

2.) With a pen or pencil, trace out divisions on the triangle for the six food groups. You can find images of the food group pyramid online with a quick search. The largest section is the bread, rice, cereal, and grain group. Above that, you will draw sections for the vegetable and fruit groups. Above that are the meat, poultry, fish, egg, bean, and nut group and the milk, yogurt, and cheese group. Finally, the least important group is at the top: the fats, oils, and sweets group.

3.) Cut holes in each section large enough for toy foods to fit through. The shape should be a rectangle for the bread group at the bottom and trapezoids for the other five groups. You can do this with a box cutter or a sharp pair of scissors. Be sure to only allow your child to help with parts that do not involve cutting.

4.) Wrap the entire triangle with white butcher paper. Cut out holes in the paper for each food group.

5.) Glue or tape different-colored cards with labels for each food group under the holes.


6.) Give your child a variety of play foods. Have them put the food into the correct food group hole. You can also vary it up and have your child choose a food to put into a particular food group that you choose. Another idea is to have your child sort foods that are healthier than others. 

You can print out the food images HERE

food-1  food-6

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