Food Counting Syllables

Food Counting Syllables Sorting busy bag

Busy Bag Swap May '16 (Preschooler Group)

This busy bag provides opportunity for the child to work with master syllables in words. When the child successfully chucks words into syllables, it also helps with decoding and spelling. When they begin to learn more phonics rules, they are able to implement those rules into the chunks they hear.  They will then become more fluent readers who can better comprehend the text they are reading.

A tip to share if your child have problem hearing  the number of syllables in a word, have them place their hand under their chin. The mouth will open and the jaw will drop with each syllable. Once the child feels the jaw tap their hand, they know that is one syllable sound.


How to play:

  1. Shuffle the cards
  2. Invite your child to clap to the number of syllables in a word
  3. Sort into bags / containers by the number of syllables

Alternatively, you can use clothespins to clip the correct number of syllables for each picture.


CLICK HERE to download the printable.

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