Farm Harvest

Farm Harvest busy bags

A farm harvest is the perfect theme to teach your child new skills. In the following three activities, students will practice sorting, identification of food sources, learn essential factors for plant growth, and other related objectives.

DIY Felt Board by mummy Avalene (Toddler Group)

The purpose of this activity is to provide sorting practice for the children in the context of a farm harvest. They learn which types of vegetables grow above and below ground and sort them according to whether they grow as roots, close to the surface of the soil, or above the soil. You can also discuss the essential factors that vegetable plants need to grow, including water, sunlight, and soil.

Materials needed:

  • Light blue felt for sky (Approximately L 58 x 32 cm)
  • Scrap of brown and green felt
  • Hard rectangular surface (cardboard)

1) Create a scene with the felt that mirrors the below ground (brown), just above the soil level (green), and the sky (blue) on a hard rectangular surface (cardboard).


2) Print out and the laminated pictures of a variety of vegetables that grow below, at the surface of, and above the soil. Cloud and sun pictures is also included in this printable

3)  Put felt on the back of the pictures so they stick to the board. Also, create laminated labels for each of the types of vegetables.

The children will placed the vegetable pictures and their corresponding labels where they grow on the felt scene. For example, the carrot would be placed in the brown area of the scene on the left, and the tomato would be well above ground level on the right side of the scene.

CLICK HERE to download the Farm Harvest printable

Rice Growing Process & Food source busy bag by Mummy Verrone (Preschooler Group)

The rice growing process teaches children about an important agricultural process and helps them learn to sequence events in a process.

This printable featuring the steps of the rice growing process (ploughing the land, planting the rice seeds, maturation of rice, harvesting the crop, threshing the crop, drying the rice grain, milling the rice grain, milled rice).Children put the pictures in the correct spaces, using the control card as a guide. 


We can also educate our children by telling them as there is a lot of work involves in harvesting food. Therefore, it is important that we can waste any food.

Since rice is one of the staple foods in Asia,  we can also seize the opportunity to incorporate Chinese teaching for this busy bag too. We can explain to them the meaning of each phrase for the below poem, 悯农诗 and ask them to do the actions that correspond. With actions involve, the children can remember and relate to the poem better.


CLICK HERE to download the rice growing Printable

 (b) Food Sources

The food source activity helps children identify where their food comes from. The children will place the pictures that correspond with each food source on the correct page. For example, you might have eggs and a picture of a cooked chicken for the chicken page.


CLICK HERE to download the Food Sources Printable

Content Source: Mummy Avalene and Verrone Phua
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