Farm Animals Matching

Farm Animals Object Picture Matching

Matching skills are an extremely important milestone for a toddler.

We have listed the benefits of object picture matching below.

1. Improved Cognitive Skills:

When a child learns to match real life object to a picture, she can actually differentiate between the two. This shows her cognitive skills. The object and picture maybe slightly different in terms of colour and dimension. When your child matches correctly, it goes to show she is actually learning about categorising objects based on their various physical aspects.

2. Enhanced Language Skills:

It is important to praise a child when she matches objects and pictures that look different in colour and dimensions and ask her why the two were a match. As she rationalises, she uses different words to express herself. This helps in improving her language skills.

3. Pre-mathematical Skills:

Sorting skills will slowly develop as her matching skills improve. Sorting skills is an important aspect of Mathematics.

4. Acts as Pre-cursor to Reading:

When matching objects to pictures, your child is practicing visual discrimination skills, becoming familiar with one-dimensional print, and learning to connect real objects to print.  These are important pre-reading skills.

To enhance the matching skills, we have 2 similar activities lined up for you!

A. Match animal figurines to flashcards and footprints in ENGLISH

You can download the FREE CHINESE PRINTABLE here. 

IMG_0623   IMG_0626   

IMG_0628   IMG_0629

B. Match animal figurines to flashcards and footprints in ENGLISH & CHINESE

You can download the FREE CHINESE PRINTABLES here. 

Image 1   Image 3     Image 4   Image 4   Image 5   Image 6   Image 7


To inject fun while doing the activities, sing to the tune of OLD MCDONALD! Is it your all-time favourite? We believe you will have a great time getting your child to pick up matching skills in a fun way! J


Stay tuned to more Farm Themed Activities!

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