Farm Animals- Homes & Products- Throwing Fun

Farm Animals- Homes & Products- Throwing Fun

We all know children benefit from learning through play. In fact, it starts from the moment they are born and it continues through their childhood.

Fun leads to better engagement and better engagement leads to better understanding and learning.

In this activity, FUN is the essence!                         

To create FUN, you have to prepare the LIST of things below.

1) 5 ping pong balls –  Please cut out the farm animals and paste over the ping pong balls.


 2) 5 mini buckets or bowls – We used wood pegs to clip the laminated homes to the mini buckets


3)  Laminate the animal products


CLICK HERE to download the Farm Animals' Homes and Products printables

The objective of this activity is very simple.

1. Recognise farm animals and their homes.
2. Recognise farm animals and their produces.

I gave my boy an animal and got him to throw it into the correct home. It tested his aiming skills and I could see the smug on his face when he aimed correctly. My boy cannot recognise words yet and it was gratifying when I heard him tell me, ‘This home has mud, so it is the pig's home!’


The animal products were given to my boy one at a time so that he could link to the correct animal. This is what I told my boy, ‘Now that you have placed the animals in their homes, can you tell me which animal gives these things?’ He then placed the animal products in the homes of the respective animals.


I found this educational video from YouTube. In this video, my boy had a better idea of the different farm animals, their babies and their homes.

Learn all about the Farm Animals:                             

Last but not least, always inject fun into learning! Let’s get creative and trigger happy!

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