Farm Animals Creative Learning

Farm Animals Creative Learning

Creative teaching offers more than just holding a child’s attention. Being able to present teaching material in many different ways, your child has a better chance of understanding it. And without a doubt, creative parent encourages creative learner too!

In this article, our creative mummies will be sharing creative ideas which cover Numeracy, Role Play Stories and Sensory Bins.

1. Numeracy- How much wool does the sheep have?

Okay! I know… You cannot count wool per se, but we have to be creative! :p

These are the items you need:

  • Poms Poms as WOOL – Poms Poms have to be in 2 different colours as we are teaching addition.
  • Self-Adhesive Covering Film (Contact Paper) for drawing of the 2 Sheep (1 male and 1 female) – You can purchase from major bookshops.
  • Number Cards – I got this from a Busy Bag Swap. If you don’t have, simply write on pieces of papers.

IMG_9770   IMG_9782

IMG_9763   IMG_9764

How this is played?

  1. Put up a number on top of the male sheep.
  2. Put up another number on top of the female sheep
  3. Get  child to put the correct number of Poms Poms on the MALE sheep as indicated by the number card
  4. Get  child to put the correct number of Poms Poms on the FEMALE sheep as indicated by the number card
  5. Get child to ADD the total number of Poms Poms and put up the correct number card.

PS: For younger children, you can just do simple counting with the use of 1 sheep.

I bet you saw the little farmer! It was just for added fun. I taught my boy the terms ‘shear’ & ‘shearer’ when he was helping to clear the mess. I told him that the weather was very warm and you had to shear the sheep to prevent them from getting sun stroke. Would you be the lifesaving shearer? 😀

IMG_9780   IMG_9781   


Content Source: Mummy Janice

2. Sensory Bin

Take a look at all the toys around you. You will notice that most toys are made of PLASTIC!!! This is one of the best reasons why we should let children indulge in sensory bins. Sensory bins stimulate the mind beyond what plastic alone can achieve, they allow children to play with a variety materials and textures.

Benefits of sensory bin:

  • Fine motor practice
  • Language development
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Play based learning
  • Fun
  • Stimulates the 5 main senses
  • Child-directed exploration

This is my farm themed sensory bin.

Materials used:

  • Oat as filler
  • Animal Figurines
  • Print out and box for barn
  • Ice cream sticks as for fences

IMG_0615   IMG_0616   IMG_0619

Filler is the bulk of the sensory bin. There is a wide variety of fillers that you can use to create fun. There are endless possibilities for you to explore. I will list a few which I feel are suitable for the farm theme.

  • bird seed              
  • cereal, such as cherrios or fruit loops            
  • dried beans                          
  • oats        
  • paper scraps or paper that has been cut into squares
  • Playdough            
  • popcorn kernels 
  • shredded paper  
  • uncooked pasta noodles
  • uncooked rice plain           
  • uncooked rice that has been dyed or scented             

Content Source: Mummy Rosa

3. Role Play Stories- 3 Little Pigs

Stories are better understood when they are acted out. When stories are acted out, children learn to view from different perspectives. Role Play Stories encourage children to be more confident, expressive and increase their power of imagination. As acting is about reacting, children are taught when and how to respond. Role Play Stories liven up learning and can definitely indulge children in lots of fun and amusement.

Materials you need:

  • Draw and cut out 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. Attached them to ice cream sticks for easy handling
  • Straws for the house made of straw
  • Ice cream sticks for the house made of wood
  • Lego for the house made of bricks
  • Play dough to make the house of straw and wood stand

IMG_0926   IMG_0929   

IMG_0928   IMG_0929   

IMG_0928   IMG_0927   


My girl was having a great deal of fun! It was pretty awesome that I was reliving my childhood. It was worth every effort to go through the ordeal of setting up this role play!

Here’s the video that speaks ‘A MILLION’ words. 

Content Source: Mummy Elaine

Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity! (Kay Redfield Jamison) Let them play. Let children be children…

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