Encourage to Learn Chinese

Encouraging My Toddler to Learn Chinese

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to share with everyone some simple resources that I use to encourage my toddler to learn Chinese. These activities/resources are used between the ages 18 months to 24 months+.

1) Building Chinese vocabulary

Flashcards mostly came in English, so I would write the Chinese terms on the same flashcards like this:


2) Counting in Chinese

I created these counting cards for him to learn to count and help him to eventually recognise his numbers in Chinese characters. My boy has used different counters for these counting cards (i.e. pompoms, wooden pegs, magnets, and mah-jong round chips). CLICK HERE to download the printable

3) Shapes in Chinese

This was a simple mat I have created to let my toddler match his shapes. It comes in 2 versions – 1 mat in English and 1 mat in Chinese. I have made it such that it is a magnetic mat (magnets on the back of the shapes and at the back of the mat). As he matches his shapes, I would teach and get him to say the shapes in Chinese if he was using the Chinese mat (or in English if he was using the English mat) CLICK HERE to download the printable


4) Colors in Chinese

This ice cream resource was created to help my toddler learn colours. Similarly, it has both Chinese and English versions. CLICK HERE to download the printable


There are various ways to use this set of resources:

  • Motor skills as he stacks the ice cream scoop(s) on top of the cone
  • Sorting the colors  (i.e. matching red with 红色)
  • Doing sight words with my older 3+ year old (i.e getting a scoop of white ice cream vs. 白色)


5) Chinese oral skills

One of the best ways to build language skills is through reading. Again to maximise resources we have on hand, we would use the English books to help build Chinese oral skills in our boys. We started reading to them real young as babies. The same English book that we read to them, we would translate and tell the same story in Chinese using the images in the book. I see that it does work to some extent as my elder boy (3y8m now) is able to describe an English story that we read to him in simple Chinese sentences.

Hope this article helps your little ones in learning their Chinese!

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