DIY Washing Machine

From Grandma PaulineAndrew Ngerng 

I have made this washing machine out of a cardboard box, styrofoam for the detergent compartment and plastic bottles for the knobs. Added a laundry basket, baby laundry detergent, clothes' pegs and some of my grandkids' clothes.My youngest grandkid, was thrilled to bits when he saw this new toy as he loves 'role-playing' with his mummy's real washing machine! Oh, I can't wait to see how my 2 other grandkids will react to their new plaything

Washing Machine 1

Below are some of the instructions which you can follow

  • Choose a cardboard box of the right size which you want
  • Cut the hole for the door and 2 holes for the knobs
  • Cut a rectangle for the detergent compartment
  • Cut 2 plastic bottles for the knobs
  • Use the precut styrofoam pieces and make a box
  • Wrap 'washing machine' with white paper
  • Fix the plastic bottle covers for the knobs
  • Make sure they can be turned comfortably.
  • Make the door of the washing machine and stick corrugated paper n laminated plastic onto it.

How to create the detergent compartment ?

For the detergent compartment, I recycled a piece of styrofoam board.  I cut 1 pc for the base, 2 long rectangular pieces and 2 shorter rectangular pieces for the sides. Stuck them to form a box with strong glue. The display screen is actually a photo of the screen on my own washing machine. I enlarged what I wanted and laminated it. I stuck the remaining piece of rectangular styrofoam just below the box with glue so that it would stay in its place to support the box


How to create the knob ?

Just cut a hole n push the bottle with cap from inside the washing machine outwards. Do not use any tape to secure, otherwise the knobs will not turn.


How to create the panel for timing and washing instructions and etc?

Switch on the washing machine and take a photo. Then, enlarge what you want and print it out. After that, laminate it and stick it in place with double-sided tape.

Meanwhile, you can also view the video here

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