Creepy Crawlies Weigh a Bug

Creepy Crawlies Weigh a Bug and FREE PRINTABLE

It is not easy to juggle between work and family for a FTWM while SAHM has a non-stop, no vacation, 24-hour job!

Be it FTWM or SAHM, they have two similarities:

  1. We want the best for our children.
  2. We have too little time to complete the plethora of tasks.

One of the tasks is to educate the little minds. To encourage mummies to be more involved in their children’s learning journey, I want to share an activity where minimal preparation is required.

My girl’s kindergarten teacher told me that she will be expected to write K1 next year. To strengthen her pincer grasp, I have been giving her lots of activities related to fine motor skills. Below is one activity which will hone her fine motor and visual discrimination skills.

What do you need?

  1. Pieces of paper
  2. Digital weighing scale
  3. Toobs figurines
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. Stationery

How to get started?

1. I drew vertical lines on the paper and got my girl to cut along the lines. Importance of scissors skills:

a.To build up the tiny muscles in the palm of her hand, since she has to continuously open and close the hand. These muscles are also used when the child is writing/painting or holding onto anything with a grip (holding on to a toothbrush or pull up her pants).

b. To enhance the use of eye-hand coordination. This means that the child must be able to move her hands while looking at something (uses a spoon to scoop up the food they want or zip up her coat).

c. To encourage the use of bilateral coordination. This means that your child can use both sides of her body at the same time (when cutting a circle, a child must hold the paper with one hand (and continuously turn it) while the other hand is opening and closing the scissors and moving forward to cut)

WAB 1   WAB 2

2. Write all the names of the bugs on A4 paper.


3. I invited my girl to pick a bug of her choice, name the bug and describe the characteristics of the bug.

4. I switched on the weighing scale, put the bug on the weighing scale and asked her the weight of the bug.

WAB 6   WAB 10

5. I told my girl to write the name of the bug and weight on the paper which she cut. You may either spell for her or get her to copy from the piece of A4 paper in step 2 above.

WAB 11   WAB 15

6. Repeat step 1-5 for the rest of the bugs

WAB 16

7. Finally, I got my girl to sort the bugs according to their weight. I reinforced the ideas of more and less by asking her to compare between groups. I personally created the printable to help my girl in her writing and visual discrimination skills.

1. Writing skills

bb1   bb2

2. Sort the bugs

bb3   bb4

3. Match the shadows

bb5   bb6


As mothers, we will try our very best to help our children in their learning journeys. We don’t need fanciful toys or materials. Sometimes, we just have to think out of the box!

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