Creepy Crawlies JUST PLAY

Creepy Crawlies JUST PLAY

Creepy Crawlies Sensory Bin

I found 2 packs of expired Agar Agar powder in my pantry and decided to use it for Sensory Bin. I remembered seeing a sensory bin on Ice Excavation and decided to adopt the concept.

What do you need?

  1. 2 packs of Agar Agar Powder of 2 different colours. Why? LOL… Simply, the sensory bin will look prettier!
  2. Toobs figurines
  3. Containers to store the Agar Agar

And we are going to save the INSECTS!!!

The sensory bin was made more challenging by getting my boy to differentiate Insects and Non Insects. I used the figurines to explain more about the characteristics of the insects as well.

IMG 1   IMG 2   

IMG 3   IMG 4      

I got my little girl who is 10 months old to join in the fun too! The mischievous duo had much fun with this messy play. Even though clean up was expected, I enjoyed watching them making a mess. The benefits outweighed the clean up defintely! Messy play stimulates many senses. They feel, smell, see and sometimes even taste! Messy play is engaging. It allows children to mould and manipulate materials and not having a focus on producing something! Messy play though simple but helps children in their cognitive and creative development.

Though my Agar Agar was expired, it should still be safe as a sensory filter for babies! I demonstrated the difference between warm and cold to my girl with the help of a bowl of warm water. I placed her hands in the warm water first and then the cold Agar Agar. She was intrigued by the experience!

Some safe fillers for babies:

  1. Any  rice. You may chose to dye them.
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Any dry pasta. You may choose to dye them.
  4. Recycled paper
  5. Frozen vegetables
  6. Jelly (In my case, Agar Agar)
  7. Cloths & sponges
  8. Water


IMG 5   IMG 6  IMG 7 

 IMG 8   IMG 9   IMG 10

   IMG 11   


Firefly Craft

I bought several books about insects months back. Firefly has always been something mysterious to me as I have not seen one in real life. I did some homework and decided to work on the Firefly Craft. It was not at all difficult! I got my boy to paste the eyes, the wings and inserted the glow stick.

My trick to get my boy to go ’WOW’ was simple. I broke the glow stick in the dark room! It got my boy really excited!

What do you need?

  1. Glow stick
  2. Empty bottle
  3. Googly eyes
  4. Paper and pen to draw the wings
  5. Pipe cleaners for the feelers and legs

Image 1   Image 2   Image 3   Image 4   

Image 5   Image 6   

Image 7   Image 8

It was simply JUST PLAY. I am sure they had tremendous fun while learning!

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