Creepy Crawlies Busy Bags

Creepy Crawlies Busy Bags

Toddler Group Creepy Crawlies by Mummy Rachel

Mummy Rachel's busy bag includes several activities such as pre-writing tracing, sequencing and literacy practices.

1. Pre-writing tracing helps a child to develop fundamental skills for writing. Pre-writing tracing comprises of pencil strokes which are commonly found in letters, numbers and early drawings. The child can trace the lines with their fingers, marker/pencil or put them under a shallow tray of sand/ rice for sensory experience.

2. A child's early math skills can be built through sequencing and patterning from games (Lego, blocks, etc.) or worksheets. The easiest pattern is one which involves two variables. It is commonly known as AB pattern. More complex patterns include ABC, AABB, AAB, ABB, and ABCD. 

3. The child will also get to identify beginning sounds of each creepy crawly in this busy bag.


Link to free printable:


 Preschooler Group Creepy Crawlies by Mummy Michelle

 This activity helps to reinforces addition fluency within ten. We would like to share more play options with this busy bag: 

1. Comparing numbers between 2 sides of the ladybug (More/Less).

2. Solve simple math equation for the sum of 10.

3. The dots on the ladybug can also be replaced with play dough to promote fine motor skills. The child has to knead, roll the play dough into balls to make the dots for ladybug. Playing with play dough is one of the methods which helps to strengthen pincer grasp. Over time, the child will be using this pincer grasp for holding pencils, crayons and markers with a 3 or 4 fingertip pinch.

4. For a creative play, mummy can get the child to cut out different shapes with cookie cutters for the dots of the ladybug. Let the child be imaginative! The dots can be of any colour or shape!

5. Preschool Resources Team has further improvised this busy bag by creating 2 printables related to Addition. 

  • An A4 size poster featuring vocabulary related to addition. 
  • Add and reveal activity sheet for number bonds up to 10. Play dough or black dots can be used as manipulative for the child to work on the equation.


PSR 1  PSR 2


PSR 4  PSR 3

Link to Preschool Resources Printable: CLICK HERE

Link to free printable: CLICK HERE

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