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Bright colours helps to engage children and using color as a theme to teach will enable children to get excited and trigger their willingness and enthusiasm to learn.

Here are some activities that you can use to teach children a variety of skills.

(a) Colour Rings

Colour rings are a fun way to teach your child about the concepts of left and right. With the labelled card, children can put the rings on their own fingers of the same hand, according to the picture. Children have to match up their left or right hand with the picture, and they can see from the “L” or “R” that that hand is left or right.


This activity also teaches children the different names of each finger. You can tell a child to put the yellow ring on the ring finger of the left hand. You can then point out which finger that is if the child asks. Additionally, you can teach a child about the names of colours when you talk about the colours of the rings on the card.

An added benefit of this activity is that it helps children practice following visual instructions. They must put the correct rings on the right fingers for each hand if they want their end product to look like the picture. Finally, children practice hand-eye coordination, a fine motor skill, when they pick up and put on the rings.


(b) Colours Sorting and classifying activities

In these activities, children can practice sorting and classifying skills. When they put the different colours pom-poms/objects into a container/plastic cups or etc based on the criterion of colours, they are learning to categorize and organize.

colors-pom-pom_karen-dorcas  colors-sorting-jocelyn-pua

colors-sorting-tube_pauline   colors_wallchart_mandy  jannefer-sutanto%e2%80%8e_colorful-balls-soctch-tape


They also learn the names of different colours when they talk about and listen to information about these activities. If they are working in partners, one partner might say to put the yellow pom-poms in a particular cup, and the other one follows that instruction. Then they can switch roles.

For materials such as pom pom , it is also a fun sensory activity because the pom-poms are soft. You can discuss about the pom-poms colours, texture, sizes, shape and a variety of other characteristics to further children oral and auditory skills.

Also, Mummy Fiona also did colours sorting activities in Chinese with her children for letter S (S for sorting).


CLICK HERE to download the Color Sorting Printables

(c) Colour Mixing

When children practice mixing colours, they are actively engaged in making a new colour from two others. This hands-on approach to learning the secondary and primary colours reinforces the information being taught with a visual. Children also practice their fine motor skills when they mix the colours.

justina-ong_colors-mixing  justina-ong_colors-mixing1  justina-ong_colors-mixing2

Children can write down the formulas that result in specific new colours to reiterate what they learned through the hands-on part of the activity. This helps them with general writing skills and to remember what they discovered.

(d) DIY Ice cream colours match activities

These activities are from our busy bag swaps with different levels of play for toddlers and preschoolers.

For toddlers:

Match the ice cream sleeves to the correct ice cream stick. There is even colour in words to match.


For preschoolers:


Match Ice Cream sleeves to correct coloured sticks, names and food.

(e) Snowman costume match


(f) Brown bear , brown bear , What do you see ?


(g) Colours wheel

Spin and match the correct colours


(h) Match the eggs

The plastic eggs can be purchased at daiso


(i) Fish’em Up


(j) Colour Bunnies

Matching the colour cheeks to the correct bunny. Aren’t they sweet and cute?



(k) Rainbow Colours (with Chinese printable)

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Content Source: EL Wong , Karen Dorcas, Jocelyn Pua, Mandy Goh, Fiona R C Pan , Justina Ong , Jannefer Sutanto and PaulineAndrew Ngerng

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