Chinese New Year Activity

Chinese New Year Activities! 

Chinese New Year starts on 28th January 2017 and it is the year of the Rooster! Chicken craft is definitely not to miss! Craft helps to develop aesthetic sensitivity of children but we want more than that! By thinking out of the box, we can create craft with more purposes.  

These activities were created for my 2 children of age 1.5 years old and 4 years old. No one is left out! 

CNY CRAFT with Number Recognition 

For my 4 years old:  

  1. The craft is simple to do. All you need is paper plate, construction papers, googly eyes and glue. A 4 years old will require very little help to complete the craft. 

2. Numbers 11-20 are written on the chicken and small round stickers. The child has to match and paste the small round stickers over the numbers on the chicken. Small round stickers are used to train on those fine motor skills. 


3. This aims to teach word families. 'en' is written on cut out paper eggs. The beginning sound is written on round stickers. The child has to paste the beginning sound onto the egg. 


As we were doing the craft and activities, we discussed about the life cycle of chicken. 

For my 1.5 years old: 

1. The craft is exactly the same. Lots of help is required for a 1.5 years old child. Nevertheless, it will be fun!  


 2. To work on fine motor skills, the child has to paste the big round stickers to make speckled chicken. Help is definitely required but practice makes perfect!  


3.Counting by putting eggs in the number tray. As the child puts the eggs in the tray you can count together. This activity helps in fine motor skills too! 


 My little girl enjoyed it and most importantly she didn't feel left out. The big brother did help the struggling sister but I think my big baby just wanted to have fun! 

CNY Chinese Zodiac Count & Clip Cards #1-20 

I created this set of CNY Chinese Zodiac Count & Clips Cards #1-20 as goodie bags for my boy's 4th birthday celebration.  I have it in Chinese as well. 

You can download the Clip Cards by Clicking HERE. Below are some of the images of the clip cards. 

Slide1 Slide2
Slide1 Slide2


  • Counting 
  • One-to-one correspondence  
  • Number recognition  
  • Fine motor (pinching that clothespin!)  

How to play?  

Simply count and clip the correct number!  

In order for my boy to know the origin of the Chinese Zodiac, I showed him this video clip as library book related to it was on loan!  

After the video clip, we played memory game using the count & clip cards. He has to put the animals in order according to the Chinese Zodiac. 

We hope you are inspired to do something this Chinese New Year ! Have lots of fun learning and playing together! Here's wishing you 恭喜发财、万事如意! 

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