Australian Animals

It is all about animals this month! We will be covering animals from Australia, Africa, Asia, South America and so much more! Although increasing vocabulary is one focus, the underlying message of this theme is to get our children to be kind and be respectful towards the animals!

Mummy Rosa

This theme was really new to my child because he was not at all familiar with many of the animals from Australia. I created 2 activities to help my child along.

  • Picture Cards: Print 2 sets for matching.
  • Feature Cards: Print a set. Match the animal card to the characteristics card. If your child is older, you can play a game of ‘Who am I?’ You can give description of the animal and get your child to guess the correct answer.

In the beginning when I showed him the flashcards he started associating some of the animals with those he is familiar with.


Dingo-> Dog

It will probably take more exposure for him to remember the names of these animals, but it was still fun to look at the pictures and talk about the different features for each animal (Eg. the sharp spines on the Echidna).

IMG1   IMG2   


CLICK HERE to download the Flashcards Printables (Picture Cards)

CLICK HERE to download the Who am I Printables (Feature Cards)

The last activity is a memory game. I had one set of background and animals and my child had the other. The goal is for me to flash a scene with animals arranged in various locations and for him to replicate the scene. We started with just two animals and played this for a while but eventually my son just wanted to engage in his own free play and I let him have some fun with the laminated animals.


CLICK HERE to download the Memory Training Printables

The best way to learn about Australian animals is of course to see them in real life. Time to plan an excursion to the zoo!

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