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Australian Animals Printable

We have 3 printables to share in this article! They are contributed by Mummy Jayne.

Counting in Chinese!
This is a simple printable that helps in counting skills for the little ones. This will definitely lay the foundation for Math learning later on. Get your child to count in Mandarin!


Counting 1   Counting 2

CLICK HERE to download the Chinese Counting Printables

Visual Discrimination
Visual discrimination is the ability to visually detect differences in variables such as shape, pattern, colour, size, etc. Visual discrimination is an essential skill needed for reading. Without visual discrimination, children would not be able to determine whether a letter was a lower case 'e' or 'c', or an upper case 'F' and 'E'. This printable is created to hone this skill!


VD 1   VD 1

CLICK HERE to download the Chinese Visual Discrimination printable. 

Fact Sheet in Chinese
These Chinese fact sheets are created for parents! You may explain to your children in simpler terms for them to understand. Yes, learning Chinese starts from you!


Fact Sheet 1   Fact Sheet 2

CLICK HERE to download the Chinese Fact Sheet printables

Do make use of these printables to help your children in Chinese! Have fun!

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