Asian Animals

Asian Animals is definitely one of the themes that our children will feel closer to since Singapore is part of Asia! 

Mummy Janice has created Asian Animals printable to target the development of fine motor and visual motor skills. When it comes to writing, her son sees it as a chore. She hopes the printable with eye- catching Asian Animals will ignite a spark of interest!

Fine motor and visual motor skills can be practised in a many ways, including mazes.  Mazes are a great way to hone writing skills without just writing letters and words.

Benefits of Mazes:
1.    Mazes help your child in Problem Solving.  From the beginning of the maze or working backwards from the end of the maze, your child will work on his executive functioning skills, such as planning and brainstorming different strategies.
2.    Mazes help your child in Fine motor control. Controlling of pencil through the maze without hitting the black lines is definitely required. Mazes train you child’s patience too since he must take his time rather than rushing in order to succeed.
3.    Mazes help your child in Visual motor. Mazes require your child to use his eyes to scan the worksheet in order to find possible solutions.  Scanning is a great skill used for reading and writing, as it is important to scan from the left side of the paper to the right side.
4.    Mazes should be broken down into different steps in order to grade the activity.
1st- Have your child start by moving his finger
2nd- Use his pencil to work on the maze
3rd- Use a marker through the maze
This helps your child to solve the same maze three times consecutively, which allows the skill to sink-in better.
5.    Mazes are perfect fine motor activities to help boost your child’s confidence.  Begin with a simple maze to provide immediate success and then encourage him to complete the mazes of increased difficulty. 

The printable includes
–    ‘One line’ tracing pages
–    Maze tracing page
–    Guided Maze tracing page
–    Colouring Page of Tiger with number dots
–    Colouring Page of Elephant

asian-animals-1  asian-animals-2

asian-animals-3  asian-animals-4

asian-animals-5  asian-animals-6

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