Arctic Animals

Arctic Animals

Residing in hot and humid Singapore with weather synonymous with the tropical region, the freezing cold and wintery weather seem so distant from us!  Having said that, it is however common for many of us to associate yearend to winter.  To that point, there is no better time for me to plan several learning activities for my children; including one on understanding Arctic Animals! 

Arctic animals are those that live in the Arctic region of the world.  The Arctic region is located in the northernmost part of the Earth.  It consists of the Arctic ocean and adjacent seas, and parts of Alaska (United States), Canada, Finland, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden.  Land within the Arctic region has seasonally varying snow and ice cover, with predominantly treeless permafrost-containing tundra.  Arctic seas contain seasonal sea ice in many places.  The animals that live in this region for all or part of the year are known as Arctic animals, and they are specially adapted to life in this unique region of the world.

1)    Arctic animals are not commonly seen; not in Singapore at least.  Naturally so, my children will not be too familiar with them.  In order to bring about familiarity, I decided to read books relating to Arctic animals together with my children. I pulled out one of the previously least read books from my bookshelf, titled ‘The Brave Penguin’.  While reading, I was pleasantly surprised that my 5 year old child was able to relate to me the animals in the story book are Arctic animals, because I do not recollect sharing with them the category of ‘Arctic animals’.

 2) Exposure to electronic portable devices of any sorts for my children is kept to a minimal.  However I allowed them the viewing time of the below video clip as I felt that the video clip brings to life certain aspects of what we have been reading from ‘The Brave Penguin’ thus far.

Exploring Oceans: Arctic (4min 29secs) by National Geographic TV.

3)   I prepared some flashcards (pictures with words) to introduce the names of the different Arctic animals, as my 2 year old loves flashcards.
CLICK HERE to download the flashcards
Additionally for my 2 year old, I printed an image of a Walrus for some ‘Do-a-dot Art’ craft time.  The image of the Walrus was sourced from online.

02    03

CLICK HERE for the do-a-dot art

4)    A set of ‘Safari Ltd Arctic Toob’ Arctic animal figurines and printed images of Arctic animals came in handy for this activity.  I encouraged my 2 year old child to match the animal figurines to the printed images.  As for my 5 year old child, I had her spell out the names of the arctic animals. 

04   05

CLICK HERE to get the picture cards 

5)    The set of ‘Safari Ltd Arctic Toob’ Arctic animal figurines mentioned earlier came in handy again for this activity of sorting the animals’ figurines into each of their habitat of either Land or Water. 

Snow (depicting land) and water landscape pictures were printed to provide a simple backdrop; depicting land and water respectively for this activity.  To provide additional sense of touch effect; water, mini ice blocks and a piece of artificial grass patch was also brought into play.  Tiny foam balls peppered the artificial grass patch creating ‘snow’ and ‘icy’ effect.  

The name of every individual animal was reiterated to my 5 year old child while we went through the sorting process.  The rationale of why each animal belonged on land or water was also shared during this activity.

My 2 year old child also had fun learning while observing and playing together.

06  07

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