Here at Seimpi School of Music, we aim to provide a holistic music education by engaging the multi-sensory experiences and use brain-based concepts to ensure fun and enjoyment in the midst of high quality music training.

In Seimpi, our objective is to equip young children with the skills and attitude that are necessary to help them in achieving their highest potential in life. And we use music learning as the vehicle to achieve the above objective and help the children in our school.  Our belief is that every child is a born genius. They all have the potential in them to achieve many great things in life and to make a difference in the world. However, unless we as parents, care-givers and teachers help them to unleash and discover these potential, they will remain hidden. 

Memory Game / Stop Dance (1 card to 1 player)

Paste animal pictures on the cards.

pic 1

Draw or paste rhythm patterns on the back of the cards.

pic 2

Flip cards individually to let the children memorize them.

pic 3

Place the cards in a circle on the ground. Children march around the cards along to the beat of the music. When the music stops, go around the circle and ask each child to guess and name the rhythm pattern of the card in front of them without flipping it over.

pic 4

If they get the correct answer, they remove their card and leave the circle. The children will continue to march, when the music resumes.

pic 5
pic 6

Keep going around the circle till all the cards are gone.

pic 7

Last one standing has to do a forfeit! HAVE FUN!

pic 8

Alternative Time Values / Time Signature Game

Instead of telling children to memorize the cards. Just lay them out in a circle face down.

Get them to pick up the cards once the music stops.

They have to flip the card immediately and say the time value / time signature of the rhythm pattern out loud.

Rinse and repeat till all the cards are gone.

Don’t forget to have fun while learning!

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